Recommendation of disaster Application for tourists who come to Japan!!




A lot of disaster happen in Japan, and if international tourists face disaster like earthquake and typhoon, they may confuse because many of them have never experience such a disaster.

So, in this article, I wanna tell tourists in Japan about
the useful application of smart phone when you face disaster!

Check it and install it!!

Safty tips

“Safety tips”: the push-enabled information alert app for foreign touris.

This push-enabled app pushes alerts about earthquake early warnings, tsunami warnings, and other weather warnings within Japan in English, Japanese, Hangul, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. The app provides various functions useful for both foreign tourists and residents in Japan, such as an evacuation flowchart showing actions to be taken in the light of surrounding circumstances, communication cards for obtaining information from the people around, and website links that contain helpful information in the event of a disaster.

You can get many information like weather info, transportation info, contact list, and so on from this apprication

As discribe above, you can use this in 5 languages, English, Japanese, Hangul, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

I’ll tell you some useful function of this below.

communication cards

In Japan, a lot of peopele cannot speak English well, so they often cannot understand what you say when you ask question.

It’s a big problem when disaster happened. Then, you can use the communication cards to exchange information with Japanese people!!

how to use…

1.Push “Communication Cards

2. Then you can choose situations.

As a example, I want to know about emargency shellters, so I push “Where is the emargency shelters?”.

3. You can know how to say “Where is the emergency shelter?” in Japanese.

In Japanese you can say “Hinanjo wa doko desu ka”.

There are many phrases, so you can find the one you want to say, and communicate with japanese people.

Medical Institutions

You can search Medical institutions.

When you feel ill or injured, you can search Medical institutions and find information about the instistution, for example address and telephone number.


Emergency contacts

In case of an emergency, you can call.

The number of Fire station is 119,

the number of Police station is 110.

Remember it!!


Tokyo-to Bousai Apprication (in Japanese:東京都防災アプリ)

In this apprication, you can learn what to do when you face disaster, and Disaster Prevention Measures which you can do in daily life.

You can use this in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

This application have these information, Earthquake, Tsunami, Weather, Volcanic info, and Evacuation information.

Also you can use it on off-line!!


NHK WORLD TV is the English-language international broadcasting service of NHK, Japan’s only public news.

The app provides Earthquake scales and Tsunami Warnings/Advisories in Japan, Breaking news by Push Notification.

You can know not only about disaster but also Japanese news.


In Japan, there are a lot of disaster, so these application is really useful to travel Japan safety.

Please Downlord them to stay Japan safety, and have a good trip in Japan!!